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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Mobile Refreshment Tuk Tuk

We would take our Craft Carts with us everywhere if we could, so that we always have them for coffee and prosecco on-the-go! Here are a few reasons why we think they are so great and that you should hire one for your next event.

They Offer a Little Something for Everyone

Our Prosecco tuk-tuks have sparkling lagers for those who are not a fan of wine, as well as carbonated soft drinks for children, those who are driving or those who just don’t fancy drinking alcohol. Meanwhile, our coffee carts have herbal teas and hot chocolate as an alternative to our luxury coffee brand.

They Turn Any Venue into a Party

Planning an outdoor event but have no idea how you are going to offer refreshments without a bar or kitchen to hand? Our tuk-tuks are here to save the day! Cute and compact, they can roll into the corner of a field or garden area, creating an instant bar for your thirsty guests.

They Break the Ice

“Nice to meet you! Check out that vintage tuk-tuk in the corner. Isn’t it adorable?!” Our Craft Carts are always a topic of conversation amongst guests – even those that have never met each other before. Unique and eye-catching party elements, like our mobile refreshment vans, encourage party-goers to mingle and relax in each other’s company.

They Leave no Trace

There is literally no effort involved in hiring one of our Craft Carts. We turn up early, in order to set up before the event and prevent any panic on your behalf, and then we serve your guests throughout the night and clear up before we leave. Everything is served in disposable flutes and cups, so there is no washing up to worry about either!

They Don’t Care About the Weather

No matter if the sun shines or the rain clouds rule on the day of your event, your tuk-tuk refreshments cart will be stood reliably wherever you want it to be. It is on wheels, so moving it closer to an indoor area is not a problem at all. If all else fails, give your guests a few umbrellas and they can continue to party in the rain!

They are Self-Sufficient

At most events, our tuk-tuks can be hooked up to the mains electric in order to keep drinks chilled and delicious. However, if your event is based in a huge field in the middle of nowhere, our Craft Carts can come along with their own generators, ensuring that party vibe all day and all night long.

They Have a Cool, Italian Style

We think the Italians are the most effortlessly cool human beings on the planet and just by association, our Craft Carts must be the best in the world!

Interested in hiring a Craft Cart for your next event? Contact us to find out about the different packages we can offer.

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