How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

By June 6, 2019 Coffee van hire in kent

There is nothing more comforting than a nice hot, steaming mug of coffee on a chilly morning. The more love and attention you put into creating your beverage, the greater the taste rewards. We’ve broken down the coffee-making process, using our beloved Illy coffee granules as a guide, so that you can make the very best hot drink every single time.

Get Your Water Right

Perhaps the single most important thing you can do for your coffee is to ensure the water you are using is as pure and clean as possible. Using filtered water is the best way to keep unwanted chemicals from altering the taste of the coffee and only ever filling the kettle with as much water as you need is key too. Every time water is boiled, it loses some of the oxygen molecules within it, changing the chemical make-up and taste. Freshly pouring your water whenever you boil the kettle makes for the best cup of coffee.

Over-boiling has the same effect. The best-tasting water is actually just before it hits boiling point, so remember to pull your kettle off its stand a little early. One thing to note is that the water tastes exactly the same whether you boil it in a kettle or in a pan on the stove.

Test Out Your Teaspoon Level

Different brands of coffee granules are all slightly different sizes, so the strength of a teaspoon of each will be slightly different. Most brands recommend you use a teaspoon to measure your coffee, but knowing whether that teaspoon should be level, heaped or rounded is down to personal preference. As if you needed another excuse to drink more than one cup of coffee, you will need to test all the different teaspoon levels to see which one is best for you.

When testing, make sure to use the same teaspoon each time. Despite the fact that a teaspoon is an accepted measurement, they are all slightly different shapes and sizes.

Select Your Favourite Cup

Just as important as finding out which teaspoon level works best for you, finding the right cup is also part of the equation. They come in all shapes and sizes, with different capacities for water, and so also have the ability to affect the taste. Sticking with the same mug or cup for every coffee will help you to maintain the perfect water-teaspoon balance.

Making the Perfect Coffee

Once you have selected your favourite cup or mug, place your preferred teaspoon of Illy coffee into it. Fill with freshly almost-boiled water, remembering to leave room for milk if you take it. Give the coffee a good stir, so that all the granules dissolve into the water and then add milk, sugar or sweeteners as required.

Then sit back and enjoy!